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International Judge Bradàn Feasa our league starts every 2 weeks at the same time 23:59 CET 19/11 2021 13:58:40
International Judge Bradàn Feasa you will not have received an email for a maximum of two seasons as we have had a problem with our mail server. Although you may be a donator to the site please remember this is a site that is run by a single person in his free time and staffed by volunteers in their free time not a large business with huge resources to throw at tracking down a bug in the system. Therefore although we are working hard in order to resolve the issue unfortunately the best I can tell you is is it will be solved when it is solved. 19/11 2021 13:53:49
Bradàn Feasa I have not been receiving emails some time now and I´m relying on other players to contact me when the league recommences as a a fee paying customer I´d like to know what´s being done about this?:-)) 19/11 2021 11:37:07
WLoH Int Assist Hi hjjaney, on the "sign up" page (link above). You can deactivate or skip just one season. I hope all is well? Feel free to email the judge (address on rules page) if there is anything you´d like to raise off forum before you leave us. Thx 19/09 2017 22:00:37
hjjaney Where do I deactivate?
19/09 2017 20:09:00
WLoH Moderator mtw1975 - you are in Div 7 group 35. Check out your spam folder for the email. If this happens again, go onto Results page and put your username in the search for player box. You will then be taken to your group 20/08 2017 01:13:27
Mtw1975 A new game started today I haven´t had an email and nobody is replying to my invite can you assist please 20/08 2017 01:06:19

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