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Lobotommy is lucky with the last tiles.
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Sariel87 prefers wall to wall carpets.
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Ruthlarsen is close to becoming a legend in the league.


League: Season: Division: Group:   Player:  

1Mintah 0 0000 - 000Urbana
2mtremayne 0 0000 - 000
3mad as hell! 0 0000 - 000Florida
4Johnrb360 0 0000 - 000
5Porterhouse 0 0000 - 000Chapel Hill NC
6Ganisworld 0 0000 - 000
7monday1 0 0000 - 000Dublin, Ireland
8AndoverBob 0 0000 - 000MA
9Gomich 0 0000 - 000
10harryhotspur 0 0000 - 0002080

Deadline: 4/07 2024 17:59 New York Time

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Name Message Time
LoBotMESSAGE FROM JUDGE US LEAGUE. When sending invites please check carefully the dictionary. It MUST be the US one. If you’ve updated the main Wordfeud app recently it will default to the International dictionary so you will need to reset it as only games using the US dictionary are valid for this league. Thanks. 21/06 2024 16:37:56
LoBotYes! I love it when we gather such a skilful cluster of smartness! MONDAY1 is number 1 on the medals table of the entire league in WLoH. JOHNRB360 is number 2 on the all time table of division one on this website. MAD AS HELL! is number 3 on the the ranking, for all groups in all divisions in all seasons. GOMICH is a magnificent player who recently was number 1 in division 2 in season 314. MTREMAYNE is a intelligent player who actually won the entire league in season 238. MINTAH is the one who most recently won a group on a decent level, the player won division 1 back in season 314. ANDOVERBOB is the player with the highest average score in a season (only counting the last 5 seasons), with 483 points per match (it happened in season 313 in division 2.) GANISWORLD is a outstanding multitalent and does also demolish opponents in division 1 in Wordfeud English International while playing here. HARRYHOTSPUR is the tactically strongest player of the last 5 seasons, the opponents have merely scored the humble average of 394 points per game. PORTERHOUSE is a clever opponent who was number 5 on this level last season.

MTREMAYNE, PORTERHOUSE, ANDOVERBOB, GOMICH and HARRYHOTSPUR is among these few heartwarm samaritans who sacrifice some of their own money, earned through suffering and pain, to pay for the fun for all of us.

The two last players will be relegated. If I were to guess, I would say that Mintah ends up as the winner here.

21/06 2024 03:02:00

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Mintah - mtremayne
Mintah - mad as hell!
Mintah - Johnrb360
Mintah - Porterhouse
Mintah - Ganisworld
Mintah - monday1
Mintah - AndoverBob
Mintah - Gomich
Mintah - harryhotspur
mtremayne - Mintah
mtremayne - mad as hell!
mtremayne - Johnrb360
mtremayne - Porterhouse
mtremayne - Ganisworld
mtremayne - monday1
mtremayne - AndoverBob
mtremayne - Gomich
mtremayne - harryhotspur
mad as hell! - Mintah
mad as hell! - mtremayne
mad as hell! - Johnrb360
mad as hell! - Porterhouse
mad as hell! - Ganisworld
mad as hell! - monday1
mad as hell! - AndoverBob
mad as hell! - Gomich
mad as hell! - harryhotspur
Johnrb360 - Mintah
Johnrb360 - mtremayne
Johnrb360 - mad as hell!
Johnrb360 - Porterhouse
Johnrb360 - Ganisworld
Johnrb360 - monday1
Johnrb360 - AndoverBob
Johnrb360 - Gomich
Johnrb360 - harryhotspur
Porterhouse - Mintah
Porterhouse - mtremayne
Porterhouse - mad as hell!
Porterhouse - Johnrb360
Porterhouse - Ganisworld
Porterhouse - monday1
Porterhouse - AndoverBob
Porterhouse - Gomich
Porterhouse - harryhotspur
Ganisworld - Mintah
Ganisworld - mtremayne
Ganisworld - mad as hell!
Ganisworld - Johnrb360
Ganisworld - Porterhouse
Ganisworld - monday1
Ganisworld - AndoverBob
Ganisworld - Gomich
Ganisworld - harryhotspur
monday1 - Mintah
monday1 - mtremayne
monday1 - mad as hell!
monday1 - Johnrb360
monday1 - Porterhouse
monday1 - Ganisworld
monday1 - AndoverBob
monday1 - Gomich
monday1 - harryhotspur
AndoverBob - Mintah
AndoverBob - mtremayne
AndoverBob - mad as hell!
AndoverBob - Johnrb360
AndoverBob - Porterhouse
AndoverBob - Ganisworld
AndoverBob - monday1
AndoverBob - Gomich
AndoverBob - harryhotspur
Gomich - Mintah
Gomich - mtremayne
Gomich - mad as hell!
Gomich - Johnrb360
Gomich - Porterhouse
Gomich - Ganisworld
Gomich - monday1
Gomich - AndoverBob
Gomich - harryhotspur
harryhotspur - Mintah
harryhotspur - mtremayne
harryhotspur - mad as hell!
harryhotspur - Johnrb360
harryhotspur - Porterhouse
harryhotspur - Ganisworld
harryhotspur - monday1
harryhotspur - AndoverBob
harryhotspur - Gomich