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International Judge medina2 you are correct the score of the first game should count for the league. If you no longer have the score you should make a conservative estimate of the score and enter that. 6/9/2024 8:20:09 PM Score Registration
medina2 I registered a game with Trisha2110 which i won. She then asked if i would like to play another game which i thought would be a friendly and she won that. She has now changed my entry to make her the winner. I have no longer got the scores of the first game. Can i do anything about this, many thanks 6/8/2024 11:56:45 PM Score Registration
International Judge Breesey I have had a very long phone call with the US judge today and understand they had horrendous problems with the start of their new season. After a very long day I understand the problem has been resolved and the new season is up and running now. If you have any queries with the US League post to the US forum and the judge or one of their admin staff will be able to help you. 6/7/2024 11:02:59 PM Breesey
International Judge Driver#54 you will not have been excluded as when I spoke to the US judge earlier today I learned that they had horrendous technical issues starting their season. I understand the problem has been resolved and the league is up and running. If you post to the US forum I´m sure the US judge will be able to answer your query. 6/7/2024 11:01:23 PM US English season 314
Breesey Hi I’ve always played in international and US leagues. However my name has been omitted from Season 314 in the US League. Can you please explain why? I did complete season 313 as normal and should be in Division 3 in Season 314 6/7/2024 10:46:36 AM Breesey
Driver#54 I seem to have been excluded from US English season 314 ??? I play in US & English Intl but now only the English version shows on my screen. Help please !? 6/7/2024 8:30:41 AM US English season 314
Johabee WLoH Int Off., thanks for checking. The popup ads are still annoying, so I would be glad to see them go. In any case it would be nice if it were more clear that not all ads disappear when donating. 6/4/2024 10:44:23 AM Ads after donation
WLoH Int Official JOHABEE. I still get some ads on my player account and even on my admin account. I can email Eskil, the site owner, but I think some ads are just the norm. 6/3/2024 10:58:15 PM Ads after donation
Johabee Judge, I´ve logged off and on again. Same results as described in previous post. I´ve compared with browsing the site whilst not logged on. There are a lot more ads in that case. Much less now, but not completely gone. Maybe you could check the coding of the site if ads are slipping by, or maybe it´s out of your control somehow. I could mail screenshots if you like. 6/2/2024 10:09:44 PM Ads after donation
International Judge Johabee I´ve just logged into your account and I see no evidence of any adverts. You could always try looking out again and log back in. 6/2/2024 6:25:27 PM Ads after donation
Johabee I have logged out and in again. Still seeing ads, maybe slightly less, not sure. Every time I choose the Rules pages an ad slides in from the bottom of the screen. And also, unpredictably, sometimes a popup ad appears in the middle of the screen that I have to exit in order to continue. 6/2/2024 3:54:22 PM Ads after donation
WLoH Int Official JOHABEE. Thanks for donating. Try logging out and back in again. Hopefully that’ll sort it. 6/2/2024 1:23:41 PM Ads after donation
Johabee Hi, I have just donated to WLoH, but I am still seeing lots of ads. I thought I read somewhere that ads would disappear after donating, or am I mistaking? 6/2/2024 2:21:11 AM Ads after donation
International Judge teasybee our new season starts on Friday and you will be included then. 5/26/2024 1:25:41 PM Re-joining the League
teasybee Hi Can you tell me when I will re-join the league please? I changed my status to active on Thursday and thought I might get an email last night? 5/25/2024 10:16:40 AM Re-joining the League
WLoH Int Official Hi. Welcome to the league. Your account is showing as active so you’ll be included when the new season starts tonight. You should receive an email which details which group you are in and who your opponents are. If you log out and back in again you’ll be taken to your group page. 5/17/2024 4:18:05 PM Changed faulty e-mail address
johabee I signed up for my first tournament, and the Wordfeud iPad app supplied an e-mail address, that I think is not working. I have now changed my e-mail address to a proper one, but might I have missed some welcoming mail? 5/17/2024 3:18:51 PM Changed faulty e-mail address
Anon Hi, do you keep a record of previously input scores for games and when/if they were updated? I think I previously input a score but have now lost the history in the app to check back. I’m interested to see if one of my opponents has subsequently changed the score that was initially recorded (or whether my memory is just really bad)? 5/13/2024 12:38:09 PM Check scores
WLoH Int Official ARDAK.EXE. Please send a screenshot of the completed game to the judge and a brief explanation of the words played which caused concern. They’ll take it from there. The address is 5/6/2024 8:56:27 PM LoBot please help
ardak.exe I have a suspicion my opponent is cheating, with words i have never heard of like, rugose, bothie, acmes and gopik 5/6/2024 1:27:20 PM LoBot please help
Strelitzia6 Hi, I just wanted to let you know I´ve created a little printable to track the tiles played in your Wordfeud game. It´s available on Etsy at You, my WLoH friends, get a 50 % discount!! (on a really small price already... :)) This offer is only temporarily available. Use the coupon code: WLOHFRIEND50. Hope you like it! BTW, tracking tiles is not considered as cheating, even WLOH has a free online tile tracker available :) 5/4/2024 4:14:56 PM Printable for tracking tiles
WLoH Int Official MIAOW. You invite your opponents using the main Wordfeud app. You should choose the standard board and the English Int SOWPODS dictionary!
Once the game is complete log into this app, use the dropdown boxes at the foot of the table to select the players names (carefully) and enter the scores. Then press the "send result" button.
If you need any more help please repost.
4/21/2024 2:45:30 PM How to challenge
Miaow Same problem… how do I challenge someone? 4/21/2024 1:04:36 PM How to challenge
Miaow Same problem… how do I challenge someone? 4/21/2024 1:04:21 PM How to challenge
International Judge Heinous that´s good to know, I appreciate the help 3/15/2024 2:01:55 PM Donate
Heinous You don´t need to have a PayPal account, you just need a credit/debit card. 3/15/2024 9:02:07 AM Donate
Bradàn Feasa I cannot donate anymore because you have to have PayPal and I don´t have it if there were an Iban, I´d use that but I can´t seem to find it. So sorry guys if I´m behind on my payments :-)) 3/14/2024 7:00:22 PM Donate
International Judge Stuart Evans we have in the past had a division 9 but currently the numbers don´t justify it. 3/5/2024 9:00:48 PM WLOH needs another division.
Stuart Evans Numbers allowing there should to be a division between 7 and 8. The gulf between the two is quite large. Winning all the games in 8 and losing all the games in 7 is quite tedious. 3/5/2024 3:17:47 PM WLOH needs another division.
International Judge Xrmx27 unfortunately Wordfeud uses the 2012 version of the Scrabble dictionary...the place to email to urge them to update it is 2/23/2024 3:33:13 PM Word not allowed
Xrmx27 Love your work. But why isn’t ZEN allowed? Even my 11 year old son shocked it wasn’t allowed 🧘 2/23/2024 1:35:19 PM Word not allowed
WLoH Int Official THE MOLE. I think I’ve sorted that for you. Try logging out, then back in. You should have access to the extra pages. If not post again. Thanks for the donation 2/17/2024 3:49:30 PM Donation
The Mole Have recently paid my dues, 12 euro donation, but am still unable to see stats of my opponents. 2/17/2024 9:50:08 AM Donation
International Judge Foxpergers I have removed the alias on your international account 2/16/2024 11:19:52 AM LoBot please help
Foxpergers How do I delete an Alias? I can’t seem to find a way to get rid of my Alias and just play two languages with the same username. 2/15/2024 2:22:30 PM LoBot please help
gmvoos I finished all my games in Div 1, season 305. Was I supposed to be relegated given that you posted automatic results for some who didn´t finish their games? Did you say that one cannot benefit from not finishing games? Or does the table judge need edit this group with respect to relegation? 2/10/2024 12:33:29 AM wrongly relegated?
International Judge raul6262 if the game is not over by the deadline please post the score as a comment to the forum and include the number of tiles that are left to play in the game. One of my team will advice you from there and may ask you to send screenshots to me. 2/8/2024 1:55:21 AM Question about deadlines
raul6262 If a game started but hasn´t finished until the deadline what should I do? Enter the score up until then or not do anything? 2/7/2024 10:21:32 PM Question about deadlines
WLoH Int Official BLUES.POWER. I think I’ve sorted that for you. Please log out and back in again and let me know. Thanks for donating. 1/5/2024 4:13:58 PM Donate
blues.power Hi, I made my donation yesterday morning (Jan 3), I got the receipt from Paypal but it seems it didn´t get activated. I did try logging out and in again but that didn´t work. Can you fix? Thanks! 1/4/2024 7:21:33 PM Donate
WLoH Int Official HIKERDUDIE. It may be due to the fact that Wordfeud uses an earlier version of the SOWPODS dictionary. The admin team have urged them many times to update it but without success. 12/15/2023 12:29:48 AM Word not allowed
Hikerdudie Why isn’t CHING allowed. A noun meaning ‘an abrupt high-pitched ringing sound’ 12/14/2023 11:32:09 PM Word not allowed
International Judge vanhassj this is getting tiresome,....

Please post once in your group and leave it at that. The international League and the US League are probably the only two leagues where each and every question and post is either answered or acknowledged. I was online for over 8 hours last night as was one of my team and therefore once we had successfully launched the new season we decided to sign off for the evening. The fact that you have wrongly labeled one of your opponents as cheat several times across this forum is trying my patience... I admit LoBot was harsh and I have resolved that issue in your group. In future I will be reluctant to help with this constant posting across several groups on the forum as I have other players with equally as pressing problems.
12/2/2023 10:17:51 PM wrongly relegated
International Judge vanhassj it is always better to post in your group where I have already answered this query... You are an apology to your opponent as they have not falsified scores. 12/2/2023 10:09:25 PM False score logging
International Judge chells50 if it popped up during your game then you need to send an email to wordfeud support at we are a sister site to the actual game and unfortunately I cannot help or matters concerning the app itself. 12/2/2023 9:31:39 PM Bug?
vanhassj @ Eskil, anybody out there? 12/2/2023 6:15:02 PM wrongly relegated
vanhassj Season 300 / Div 5 / Group 6

LoBot please refer to above season, division, group thread and sort this out. vanhassj unfairly relegated with Anchusia falsely marking their last game against Breesey as a draw, when in fact they lost. With a spread difference ultimately putting them in the relegation position. Breesey has confirmed she won that game 471 - 382 against Anchusia.

How was this marked a draw (0-0)????

A disgraceful violation.
12/2/2023 4:08:08 PM False score logging
chells50 An ad popped up after I played a word. It started with telling me I´m a wordfeud champ. Register and get $750 paid into my PayPal account. Sounds fishy to me. Just checking that you are aware of this. It sounds like a scam to me.
12/2/2023 10:03:26 AM Bug?
WLoH Int Official ANNELISE£. The new season starts in just over 3 hours. Your account is showing as active so look out for your email. 12/1/2023 9:15:58 PM Help me join the season
AnneLise£ Hi, i haven’t received an email to join a tournament and I can’t find a “result” tab to find players and start a game. 12/1/2023 9:09:39 PM Help me join the season
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