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WLoH Int Official ENCORE254. LoBot is having a problem launching the new season. You are in division 7 group 55. Please log out and back in again and you should be taken to your new group. Thanks. 6/11 2021 10:59:56
encore254 Hello. Is LoBot still sending out invites for the new season? I still haven’t gotten an invite. My page still shows the previous season. 6/11 2021 09:37:40
WLoH Int Official ELLEM3939. We’re just waiting for LoBot to wake up and launch season 247. Seems like there’s a glitch but Eskil’s aware of it. Please be patient. Thanks. 6/11 2021 02:56:44
ellem3939 My previous season is still showing, am waiting on the email for the new season that has already commenced 6/11 2021 02:39:13
International Judge 1tjevdbeer I understood.... But only after I had used Google and thanks to Dracula for the Dutch response 28/10 2021 18:47:39
Dracula! 1tjevdbeer - Ik denk dat de meesten hier je niet gaan verstaan :-) Maar ook veel plezier! 28/10 2021 14:41:52
1tjevdbeer Hé, Nieuwe ronde nieuwe kansen! Succes veel plezier en geluk! 28/10 2021 14:34:01
WLoH Int Official ZURIGIRL. LoBot is working on sending out the emails. You are in division 7 group 35. Please bear with us. Thanks. 23/10 2021 02:05:51
Zurigirl Could I please get the email for the new season, please? I did not receive one this evening. Thank you. 23/10 2021 01:56:03

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