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International Judge VingaAlv I have already responded to you regarding the non responsive players in your group. However I find it odd that you are so uptight about their lack of participation given that last time you played in the international League during season 84 your username was deactivated for non participation having completed zero games that season and only 2 games in season 83.

please post to the forum in your group on Friday and list the scores of any unfinished games and include the number of tiles that remain. One of the admin team will advise you from there. I have asked the team to keep a close eye on this group as we approach the end of season.
20/10 2021 23:23:26
VingaAlv I am writing once again. I am getting really irritated.. I´m in a league where 1 player never accepted my invites. And 2 players haven´t made a move in 25 hours. Though they have played others. How am I supposed to get a fair chance? Melissavan18 never responded to the invite. Smillerkumar took 3 days to respond and makes a move approximately every 24-48 Hours. Same with Colluje. 20/10 2021 21:38:45

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