Donation directly to the WLoH bank account

Donation for user name:

You can donate as much or little as you like, but in order to get extra access, you will have to transfer at least 15$, 12 euro, 10 £ or 90 Kroner (any kind) to the WLoH bank account. If you are based in The Netherlands, Sweden or Norway you can use a domestic bank number, if not, go for the international transfer:

International: IBAN: LT02 3250 0298 6917 3173 SWIFT/BIC: REVOLT21

Sweden: Swedbank 8327-9 och kontonummer 964 451 862-4 (832799644518624).

The Netherlands: Bankrekening nummer NL91RABO0316846589 tnv PA van de Boom, o.v.v. je spelersnaam.

Norway: 9235.22.87409

You can give yourself the extra access right away by pushing this button. After all, it is a league based on trust. Do remember, it is your trustworthyness that keeps us inviting you: